Google Glass, having recently received an update to version XE17.31, is making the leap straight up to version 18.1. The update will coincide with an update to the MyGlass app (coming "later this week," with the iOS app getting an update at an undisclosed time), and brings a few nifty new features.

First up, the MyGlass app for Android - when explorers take a photo through Glass, that photo will be instantly shared to the MyGlass app, where users can add filters or otherwise edit the photos before sharing them with the world. Breaking functionality for Glass out of Glass doesn't immediately seem like the most elegant solution, but certainly editing photos is easier on a larger, more accurate display.

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As for new features on Glass itself, the smart eyewear will be receiving more Google Now cards - just in time for the World Cup, users who have indicated interest in Google Now will receive team updates beamed directly to their eyeball. Glass will also gain the ability to present shipment tracking cards, and will remind you of your parking location, just like Google Now's phone-bound counterpart.

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Finally, Glass will be adding a new mobile notification when your Glass' battery is low, giving you an advanced heads-up when you might want to think about plugging in.

As always, explorers need only plug in their device and wait patiently for the update to roll out. Typically these updates roll out pretty fast, so anxious users shouldn't have long to wait.

Source: Glass Community, Google+

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