Kiwanuka is a Lemmings-inspired physics puzzler that we've been looking out for on Android since we heard about it on iOS. Thanks to a partnership between original devs CMA MegaCorp and the developers at Jakyl, the game has finally made its way to our favorite platform, and it's awesome.

Basically, you play the guy or gal in charge of saving a crowd of Kiwanuka, using a magical staff that whips the humanoid critters into shape, arranging them in tall, swaying towers you can use to climb through low-poly geometric terrain. When you reach the goal in each level, you'll free another Kiwanuka.

In some ways, it's a lot like the classic game Lemmings - you've got a big group of beings who need to get to a specified point, and you have limited capabilities to make that happen. But Kiwanuka is more focused on physics, allowing for a somewhat faster, more dynamic experience.

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Besides its beautiful art style and incredibly simple yet compelling gameplay, the game has a great sound track, with sounds ranging from the peaceful strum of a sitar to more dubstep-inspired tunes. It also integrates with Play Games. At $1.99, Kiwanuka is definitely a game to check out.

Developer: Jakyl
Price: $3.99