So you want an 8-inch Galaxy Tab Pro, but you don't want to spend $399.99 on one? I hear you. $399.99 isn't all that expensive as far as tech purchases go, but tablets are increasingly affordable these days, and you can get two Nexus 7s for that price. I can't hook you up with a 16GB Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for the same as a Nexus, but I can point you in the direction of one that's going for over $100 off its usual price (and $50 less than what Amazon's reduced it to). Groupon is currently selling refurbished ones for $284.99.


This offer will save you $114 altogether. That's not bad. Sure, it may not be brand new, but it should still function the same. You have just eight days to pick one up before the deal is over. Here, I'll leave a link for you.

Refurbished Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 on Groupon