Good things come to those who wait. Android users didn't get an official Wikipedia app until January 2012, and it was a relatively bare bones release at that. Over two years later, it's really starting to show its age, as those Gingerbread screenshots sitting on its Play Store page aren't impressing anyone. But now we see a new version of the Wikipedia Beta app that finally seems poised to give us the native experience we've been waiting for.

Wikipedia1 Wikipedia2 Wikipedia3

That's right, the app has gone native, offering a faster experience and a UI that looks much better on anything released since Ice Cream Sandwich. But wait, this hot rod is sporting more than just a fresh coat of paint and a souped up engine. Now there's a history of your recently viewed articles tucked away in the sidebar. Not only that, you can edit articles without having to sit down at a PC.

The beta is open for anyone to install from the Play Store. So if you're ready to start correcting all of those "mistakes" on that infuriating Wikipedia page, you know what to do.

Wikipedia Beta
Wikipedia Beta
Price: Free

Source: Wikimedia blog

Thanks, Connor Shea.