Postmates is an app-based courier service that's grown quite popular recently, and the company is expanding its reach to tech's two hottest hubs: Silicon Valley and Austin, TX. The Silicon Valley area includes Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Atherton, if you're interested in the specifics.

Postmates is actually pretty neat, if kind of expensive. The company partners locally with restaurants, stores, and other retailers to build a "menu" of items available for purchase, which you then select in the app, and a Postmate courier then accepts your order and delivers said items to your door. You can also order from any business, assuming you're willing to type out specific instructions for the courier. Typically, there's a delivery fee associated with this convenience, but like previous launch cities today's new additions will get $50 in free delivery credit simply by entering a promo code. The Silicon Valley promo code is SVFriend and the Austin code is ATXFriend. Just enter these in the apps and you'll have a $50 delivery credit applied to your account.

Note that this credit only applies to deliveries, and not to Postmates' service fee (yes, there's a fee on top of the delivery fee, on top of the tip you're expected to give the courier) or the cost of the actual items delivered.