There's a new tower defense game on Android seeking your eyeballs and your money. It's called Prime World: Defenders and you can play it on Android and Facebook today with full gameplay sync. Yeah, you might hate Facebook, but not everyone does.

On the surface this is a traditional tower defense game – all the usual upgradable towers and waves of creeps are present and accounted for. In addition to all that, however, there's a collectable card element to Prime World: Defenders. Your cards can be leveled up to trigger special abilities and summon heroes to beat back the enemy's advance.

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The game looks really impressive from the screenshots. It also has support for controllers and enhanced graphics for Tegra 4 devices (i.e. the Shield). This is a free-to-play title, which means there will be in-app purchases. Don't be too bummed, though. This title was $4.99 with IAPs on iOS, so we're kind of getting a deal already. No matter how bad you think we have it when it comes to IAPs, it's worse on iOS.

Defenders: TD Origins
Defenders: TD Origins
Developer: Nival
Price: Free+