Cybergon is a trippy journey through cyberspace that won't last long, as chances are you're going to veer head-on into a dangerous floating orb that's empowered to kill you in just one hit. But if you have the dexterity necessary to survive, Cybergon might just be the type of free-to-play fun little diversion your afternoon needs.

Cybergon1 Cybergon2

The game is simple. You're a floating blue triangle thing, and you want to touch other shapes of the same color. Hitting one of a different color, particularly orange, will cause you to explode. After that, you're reduced to nothing more than floating particles. If you're playing the game for free, you may need to watch an ad at this time, but you can remove those for a single payment of 99 cents.

Cybergon comes to us from Robot Invader, the makers of Wind-Up Knight. This game is decidedly less ambitious, but in this case, that's okay. Try it out below.

Developer: Robot Invader
Price: Free+