Google has just announced the official Project Tango tablet development kit, an insanely powerful slate powered by NVIDIA's Tegra K1 processor. This thing is beastly - 7" display (unknown type / resolution), 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, Tegra K1 quad-core processor (not the dual-core 64-bit Denver), motion-tracking cameras, integrated depth sensing, Android KitKat, and LTE. The big catch? It's only for developers, and it will cost $1024. Yikes. Granted, this is a high-tech, cutting-edge experimental product designed as a reference and development tool, not something to check your Gmail on while browsing Reddit. Take a look at the video.

The front-facing camera has a 120-degree viewing angle, there's a 4MP rear camera with 2 micrometer pixels (the same pixel size as HTC's UltraPixel sensor, probably the same camera), a motion-tracking rear camera, and an integrated depth sensor - all the tools you'll need to do the kinds of crazy stuff Google will want you to with this thing.

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You can sign up to learn more about the Tango Tablet at the link below, but you'll have to be a developer (or claim to be) in order to buy one in the first place. You can see an exclusive hands-on with the tablet with Engadget right here, too. Oh, and this news comes rather well-timed considering an earlier rumor of a Tango-based tablet with a 4000-unit run.


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