Assist is one of the many clever features Motorola included with the Moto X. This service monitors conditions and triggers changes to your settings and preferences as needed. It's not as powerful as some third-party options, but it's build in at the system level. Today's update includes a few improvements, as well as the customary bug fixes.

2014-06-04 17.24.16

Here's the full changelog for Assist.

  • When you’re at home, Assist can now announce callers and incoming text messages
  • Improved driving detection using audio
  • Bug fixes!

The driving detection improvement seems pretty smart. The Moto X has always seemed fairly good about detecting driving, but this should speed things up as it's not relying entirely on location. The new voice features for home use look to be exactly what the device does when in driving mode, but apparently it's now available while not driving as well. It's not clear how you'd go about enabling this, though.

Motorola Assist
Motorola Assist
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