The Chrome Web Store may not be the first place you hit up in your search for Android apps, but that doesn't mean it isn't there to help you out. Google's centralized location for all things Chrome - apps, extensions, themes - now has a label that marks whenever something you're looking at is also available for Android. If you click the corresponding hyperlink, it will shoot you straight out to the correct Play Store page.


Not only that, you can now search the entire store using a global Android filter. When you land on the site, just head to the top and bring the drop-down menu to "For Android."


The filter will also appear in the sidebar when you perform searches.


It's worth pointing out that this relationship doesn't go the other way around, as the Play Store won't point you towards apps that are also available for Chrome. Still, this makes it much easier to search for apps and services that you can use across multiple devices.

Via Google Operating System