While we know that many of you, our readers, have precisely zero interest in Amazon's tablet hardware (and trust me, our analytics show as much!), the prospect of an Amazon smartphone should arouse curiosity even in the most fervent of Android loyalists. In part because, well, there haven't really been any major commercial smartphone launches for devices not running Android, iOS, BBOS, or Windows Phone in a long, long time. And the latter two are still far from major market forces at this point.


Amazon's announcement of a hardware unveil on June 18, then, should get everybody's blood pumping, even if said pumping is dubious and moderately skeptical - the thought of a new smartphone platform entering the fray is interesting. Amazon's smartphone has been rumored for some time now, with a BGR leak back in April allegedly picturing a black-boxed version of the device. BGR's sources claimed that the phone is equipped with a total of six, count 'em, six cameras as part of a 3D user interface that will heavily leverage tracking of the user's face.

The device will almost certainly run some variant of Amazon's Fire OS, derived from Android, and take advantage of the Amazon Appstore for content (which, conveniently, is filled with tons of Android apps with responsive UIs for easy adaptation to smartphones).

You can even sign up to attend the event in Seattle at the link below.