If you're an early adopter of Fuhu's newest tablet for kids, good news: a major OTA is rolling out now that brings many of the advertised features to the device. This massive 1.4GB download brings a ton of new features and enhancements to the unit, as well as a few fixes that should hopefully clear up some of the frustrations users have been experiencing. Here's a look at the full changelog:


  • Dream Pro Studio™ Draw & Editor Apps: A powerful suite of creative tools that teach your children how to draw and edit movies like a pro!
  • New Shrek & Kung Fu Panda Time Controls Video Themes: Choose Shrek or Po to come alive in animation when it's time for nabi to go to sleep, wake up, and so much more.
  • Treasure Box™ & App Zone Update: Kids and parents can now buy their favorite movies and TV shows in addition to apps and games in the first mobile app store curated just for kids.
  • nabi Music App: Access to 50 kid-friendly music tracks in nabi Mode.


  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity and speed.
  • Improved battery life.


  • Various bug fixes to optimize nabi Utilities Suite, nabi Play™ and nabi Konnect™.
  • Fixes to improve the payment setup in App Zone.

Important: - You will need 1.4GB free in order to perform this update.

To grab the OTA, head into Mommy/Daddy mode and hit the update button. Tap Check Now and the option to download should show up. From there it's all smooth sailing.