One of the nicest things about CyanogenMod (from a cosmetic perspective, anyway) is support for hundreds and hundreds of community-baked themes on the Play Store and elsewhere. As opposed to a launcher theme or icon set, these themes are system-wide, and they can completely change the look of your phone or tablet in a few seconds. Custom ROMs often bake in a compatible theme system (see AOKP), and now the popular Paranoid Android family has done so as well.


Support for the current CyanogenMod 11 theme engine was put in place for Paranoid Android 4.4 Beta 1, currently running on AOSP 4.4.2 code. 4.4.3 should be ready by the next beta release. It's not perfect yet - according to the PA blog post, themed virtual nav buttons may not be applied without killing the SystemUI process (or just rebooting). The Hover notification system we highlighted before is now in a stable form, and the pop-up, edge-activated PIE controls can now be enabled only when Android goes into immersive mode if you wish. This setting can be toggled in the quick settings bar.

Paranoid Android ROMs are available for most Nexus devices going back to the Galaxy Nexus. You can download a build for your device here. Here's the link for the Gapps file for Paranoid Android 4.4.2. Happy flashing.

Source: Paranoid Android blog