Automatic is a simple $100 diagnostic sensor that plugs into the data ports on almost all modern cars. What makes it different than the other OBD sensors you can get is the way it interacts with the Automatic app, which came to Android not long ago. However, today marks the v1.0 update for that app. You could say it's "done" now.

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The Automatic sensor plugs into the OBD port (usually under the dash) and relays diagnostic information to the app wirelessly. You get data on fuel consumption, error codes, parking reminders, and more. The updated app has a crash alert function that can optionally contact help if it detects a sudden decrease in speed (or a "crash" as it's more commonly known).

The Android app is also getting an exclusive Do Not Disturb feature. Because the device is connected to the car's inner working, the app actually knows when you're driving, as opposed to sitting in someone else's car as a passenger. When enabled, Automatic can silence notifications and auto-reply to messages. The update should be going live now, but give it a little time to propagate in the Play Store.

Automatic Classic
Automatic Classic
Price: Free

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