Fun fact: because of the enormous expense of shooting on location, a surprising number of American television series are shot and produced in Canada. Often when you see "Chicago" or "New York" on the small screen, it's really Toronto or Vancouver standing in as a body double for an entire city. Supernatural's Winchester Brothers are almost always running around British Colombia, and the rolling Wild West frontier of Hell On Wheels is really Alberta. It's particularly cruel, then, that our northern neighbors have been unable to watch TV shows in the Google Play Store. Until now.


Earlier today Google flipped the switch, and Canadians can now download TV shows to their Android devices, stream them on Windows, OS X and Chrome OS, or even zip them over to a Chromecast. Get after it, Canucks, but remember that due to international publishing rights, your selection of shows may vary from those on offer in the US. The Canadian Play Store seems to have most of the major TV shows currently running, but some will be missing, and you might have access to some that are not available down south. You can buy (not rent) television by the episode or by the season, and there are a few popular series like Mad Men or Doctor Who that are currently on sale.


Today's Canadian expansion comes less than a month after the country got access to Google Play Music All Access. So far Canada is only the fifth country to get access to TV shows on Google Play, after the US, UK, Australia, and Japan.

Source: Google Play Store support