Update: If you were hoping for the Z2 Ultra, keep hoping. This is the Xperia T3.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "the next big thing" that Sony is teasing in this coy blog post is not a pretty lady in a red dress. While those are always appreciated, they've been around for a while. No, that oh-so-subtle headline probably has more to do with the device hanging out in the foreground.


Sony could be preparing a six-foot Xperia Galactus, but the smart money is on an update to the Xperia Z Ultra. That odd device was one of the first of the new mega-sized smartphones with a 6.4-inch, 1080p display when it launched a year ago. Since then phones from Samsung, HTC, and others have come in at roughly the same size. Sony sold the phone as a larger alternative to its premium Xperia Z, much closer to a tablet form factor - in fact, they sold a WiFi-only version as a de facto tablet in Japan. Eventually we got a Google Play Edition of the Z Ultra here in the United States.

Sony likes to wait for the major trade shows to reveal big hardware, but the next one is IFA in September, so we may be looking at a simple press release. That's what Sony did for the Z Ultra last year. (Which is OK with us - airfare is expensive.) Bet on "Xperia Z2 Ultra" for the name, matching the current smartphone and tablet flagships. Hopefully this one will include an LED flash, which was the only major omission from the original.

Source: Sony Mobile Blog