Remember the most recent Google Play Android client update? One of the features in that one was a new way of viewing permissions. As of that version there's a link to open the list instead of only being able to see it from the installation dialog. Well, now the web Play Store has pretty much the same thing. It's called consistency.

2014-06-02 18_08_15-Sunrise Calendar - Android Apps on Google Play

Way down at the bottom of the web listing under Permissions is where you'll find this new link, which simply reads "View Details." It's all broken down into groups like with the Android client, and includes the notice that you will only be notified of changes on a per-group basis. You still get the permissions when you attempt to install as well.

2014-06-02 18_07_59-Sunrise Calendar - Android Apps on Google Play

So it's a minor but useful change. So go forth, and be more informed.