Look into the eyes of Ira. He can see into your very being. His hypnotic gaze is scouring your soul, peeling away layers of intellect until only chaos and madness remains. He's like the most terrifying of Lovecraftian horrors, except he's bald and has a five o'clock shadow.


If you've watched any of NVIDIA's trade show keynotes in the last few years, you probably recognize Ira from the company's FaceWorks technical demo. It basically throws insane amounts of programming and graphical processing power at the problem of making realistic human faces in real-time simulations. NVIDIA's first public demo of the Tegra K1 Kepler architecture, codenamed "Logan," included a scaled-down version of the FaceWorks demo running on NIVIDIA's mobile hardware.

Now there's an app in the Play Store that lets you try FaceWorks on your own Tegra K1-powered Android device. Of course that's going to be a little tough, since at the moment there aren't any available at retail, so the app is incompatible with everything. The first Tegra K1 device to be announced was the Xiaomi Mipad, and the tablet is scheduled to go on sale in China (and only China) next month. Xiaomi's promotional video even included a brief clip of the FaceWorks demo.

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This app could have been mistakenly published early by NVIDIA, or maybe they just want an easy way for their developers to download it. Presumably they're working on getting Ira a ticket out of the uncanny valley. The app description says to "Check our Shield.nvidia.com for availability of K1 devices," but so far NVIDIA isn't highlighting any new hardware on the SHIELD page. Here's hoping we get some more wide-reaching Tegra K1 devices soon, so everyone can experience Ira in all his creepiness.

NVIDIA Tegra FaceWorks Demo
NVIDIA Tegra FaceWorks Demo
Developer: NVIDIA
Price: Free