Hey, do you remember the time when we posted about that really awesome password manager that could automatically log into most of your apps and websites with just one tap? Just like that other password manager, you could pay the annual subscription fee of $12 for unlimited storage, that's a decent option... But what if I told you that StackSocial is offering lifetime memberships to PasswordBox for just $9.99? I think you might have a hard time passing that up!

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That's right, you can pick up a permanent membership to PasswordBox for $2 below the cost of a regular yearly subscription. Unless you've already scored a free membership through one of the service's previous promotions, this is a pretty great opportunity to jump on board. Alternatively, you could annoy 5 of your friends for referrals or pony up the full $72 for a lifetime membership at regular price. No, seriously, don't do that. Just pay the $10.

PasswordBox has been gaining a substantial fan base thanks to its simplified login experience. The meteoric rise in popularity has even prompted long-time leader LastPass to implement a similar feature.

The deal is available to new and existing users, and it will run through June 12th. Simply visit the StackSocial sale page and purchase your license using either a credit card or PayPal. Once this step is complete, install PasswordBox on a mobile device or web browser and create an account with the same email address that was used during the purchase.

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One warning, if you don't already have a PasswordBox account, definitely finish your purchase before creating it. If you've already made an account, you'll have to send an email to [email protected] along with a receipt to have it upgraded manually. (Yup, I made this mistake so you don't have to.) The auto-responder suggests that the office is closed on weekends, so anybody in the same boat will will probably be left waiting until Monday.

Alright, you know it's a great deal. Go get it!

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PasswordBox Free Password Safe
PasswordBox Free Password Safe