That new Google Maps update is pretty cool, but there's more going on than the return of terrain mode. In fact, there are two small, but crazy-useful features in the new Maps that you ought to know about.

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Left: Old, Right: New

Okay, first thing – when you search for something in Maps, you obviously want to tap on each and every tiny red dot to see what it is, right? No, not right. That's why it's a massive relief to see that v8.1 finally adds names to the icons in search results. See above for comparisons. The bold text looks a bit off to me, but Google might push a small update to change that if it was unintentional.

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The other tweak is part of the navigation interface. When you approach your destination, the nice Google lady has always told you which side it was going to be on, but now there's an arrow. Right up top next to the distance marker you'll see if you need to crane your neck left or right to spot the target. Neat.

[Thanks, +BarryCrawford and +BradleyAlbertNemitz]