In the future, sports won't look the way they do now. They will be faster, more complex, and completely saturated with bright neon lights. No game will be immune, no matter how small or seemingly innocent, including dodgeball. Jolt offers a taste of what a futuristic version of this game will look like, and it gives two players the chance to experience it on one device.


Jolt3 Jolt4

The screenshots don't do Jolt justice. Really, they don't do much at all. Thanks to the use of bright vector graphics and very basic textures, you need to see this one in motion to have any idea what's going on.

Jolt centers around two players grabbing opposite ends of an Android device and trying to hit one another with spheres. There are various tricks to keep things interesting and force-fields to allow a degree of defensive strategy.

The managers are going to charge you $1.99 to step onto the field, but you shouldn't have to look out for any additional purchases once you're in. You can find the entrance straight below.

Developer: Keep Games
Price: $1.99