Do you want your phone to charge wirelessly and be all cozy on a tiny pillow? Then the Nokia DT-901 Fatboy charging pillow is what you want. Problem is, it's usually a rather expensive charger, upwards of $60 on Amazon and $79 on AT&T. Not today, though. You can get one for $5 (or even less if you're especially keen) with free shipping on AT&T's site. Way better than that Verizon pillow.

2014-05-30 14_45_35-Nokia Fatboy Cyan Wireless Charging Pillow accessories from AT&T

Oh, is that huge discount not enough for you? Just buy three or more and you get an extra 35% off, so that's $12.26 with tax for three very good wireless chargers. These are Qi-compatible, so they work with any Android device with that tech built-in.


If you're thinking about snapping this up, go now. I wouldn't be surprised to see this sell out really quickly. Looks like it's cyan only online, though. Stores might have the other colors if you want to call around. There's a different Nokia charger, the standard non-pillow plate for $5, but it's sold out online. It may be in stores, but you might have to hunt.

Update: AT&T's site now says "The device you've selected is not available in your area." That probably means it's sold out.

[AT&T – Thanks, +Kenny O]