Back in the Froyo/Gingerbread days, GO was my go-to launcher. It had more features and better performance (in my opinion) than any of the other options. After Ice Cream Sandwich, however, I kind of forgot about it.

Turns out the GO Team is still alive and kicking, and it just pushed out version 5 of its EX launcher, complete with a new flat theme and improved functionality. If you're tired of the same ol', same ol', this may be exactly what you need to breathe some fresh life into your device.

Screenshot_2014-05-30-09-12-51 Screenshot_2014-05-30-09-13-24 Screenshot_2014-05-30-09-13-08

Dat menu button, tho

Now's actually a good time to try it, in fact. The "Prime" version of GO Launcher EX – normally $5.99 – is free for the rest of today and through June 1st. Bumping the free version to Pro is actually pretty simple: once the launcher is installed, head into Preferences > About GO Launcher EX > Enter Activation code "appsales" or "appszoom." Boom, you're done.

The launcher will then be full-featured, packing all the goodies that you get with the paid option. Hit the link below to give it a whirl, if you can handle the menu button on devices with the virtual navigation bar.