Banking apps aren't terribly exciting in general. In fact, they're usually awful, buggy apps that make you hate yourself. The Bank of America app has gone through a few iterations (most of them bad), but the newest update is actually a solid improvement.

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Here's the changelog for v5.0.

  • New app, new look, new features
  • Simplified navigation menu
  • Request replacement debit or credit cards
  • View your available credit for credit cards
  • Schedule an appointment with us
  • Easily find routing and acct numbers with new activity tabs
  • Add transfer recipients from your personal contacts
  • Control camera flash during check deposit
  • Modify scheduled bill payments
  • Set up and manage acct nicknames
  • Edit checking or savings transaction descriptions
  • Order copies of posted checks

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So, most of the improvements relate to the app looking a bit different and some features being rearranged. The support for flash when depositing checks and appointment scheduling are neat too. There is also now (kind of) tablet support in the app, which I suppose goes along with the improved UI. If you want to know what the app used to look like, there are some old screens below.

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