Rdio's Android app got a teensy, tiny update today, adding gapless playback to all devices running Android 4.1. According to the "What's New" section of the Play Store page, the feature was added in by popular demand. For the uninitiated, gapless playback is exactly what it sounds like: a seamless transition from one track to the next. It's a big deal for some users, and much harder to do on a streaming music service than on local playback.

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To get you in the mood, Rdio's nameless blogger recommends two very specific albums to fully appreciate the new feature: Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon 2011 remaster, for people with taste, and Daft Punk's Alive 2007 album, for people without. (I kid, I kid.) The former is recommended just because the album is meant to flow seamlessly from one track into the next, and the latter because gapless playback allows for a more immersive live album experience.

The changelog also includes some small UI changes and bug fixes. Rdio's app is free, but mobile listening costs $9.99 a month after the 2-week trial.

The app was not found in the store. :-(