You make a smartwatch, you make a smartwatch, and you make a smartwatch. In what feels like a reverse Oprah giveaway, every tech company in the game is apparently contemplating the idea of producing an intelligent wristwatch of their own. A new Forbes report suggests that Microsoft too is ready to throw its hat in the ring, and soon. What makes this interesting isn't the idea of a Windows Smartwatch OS. No, what has our attention is the possibility that this device will be compatible with Android.


That's right, Microsoft's watch will reportedly be compatible with both Android and iOS, in addition to Windows Phone. This already sets the device apart from Samsung's wearables, and if Apple decides to go down the exclusivity road whenever it does decide to put an end to the iWatch rumors, a Microsoft watch would be a more open option than it too.

According to the report, Microsoft's watch should be able to measure your heart rate and will do so over the course of two days before its battery dies. Forbes expects it to look like the Galaxy Gear and include a full-color touchscreen.

Microsoft will develop the product pulling on expertise from its Xbox Kinect division. Look for the watch to possibly land as early as this summer.

Source: Forbes