The Sony SmartWatch 2 still goes for $199.99 new, but today you can get one around your wrist for less than half the price. Cow Boom, a Best Buy brand, has pre-owned Sony smartwatches in stock that it's willing to let go for $79.99. These may come with scratches and dents, but they're still going to work. I'll admit, that may not sound entirely compelling, but that's the risk you take whenever you buy something used.


Refurbished alternatives are also in stock, and they're going for $99.99. These are $20 more, but they're more likely to ship in better shape. They may contain a minor scuff here or there, but they probably won't look like they came out of the bottom of a box at a yard sale either.

Considering the SmartWatch 2 isn't limited solely to Sony devices and should pair with most modern Android phones, this makes for an affordable way to get a taste of what this whole smartwatch thing is all about. Here's a link.

Sony SmartWatch 2 on Cow Boom