Update Wednesday continues with yet another new apk. This time we're being treated to a regular version bump for Chrome Beta. The changelog isn't as dramatic as we've seen in previous updates to the browser, but it's hard to turn down improvements and bug fixes. The focus seems to be a little more on fine-tuning the experience as we should see smarter suggestions for text entry and improved text rendering on non-mobile optimized web sites. As a friendly bonus, Google's eclectic Doodles are coming back to the new tab page.

2014-05-29 00.26.57

The update is still pretty fresh, so it might be a couple of hours until it's available to everybody. I still haven't seen the Doodle or any sign of improved text suggestions "before I start typing," which might indicate we're waiting on Google to turn on a few features at the server.

  • Improved text rendering on non-mobile optimized sites.
  • Doodles return to the new tab page.
  • Better suggestions before you start typing.
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!

Source: Google Chrome Blog

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