BBC has just pushed the Go button on its big iPlayer redesign. Now an updated version of the app is available in the Play Store that introduces tweaks to the way users stumble across new things to watch. The changes are apparent on the home screen, where the refined focus on discovering content is apparent right from the go. There are also new pages for browsing channels and perusing through categories.


All of these pages now include collections, a way for the channel to group shows together according to series or theme. This, again, highlights another change the company has made to better present its content to potential viewers.

Our UK readers can get their hands on the app via the link below.

What's new:

  • BBC iPlayer has been updated to make browsing and discovering programmes even easier.
  • We have created new Home screen, Channel and Category pages with a new visual design.
  • The Home, Channel and Category pages all include editorial collections - programmes or episodes linked together based on series or theme.
  • Subtitles are now also available for downloaded programmes.

BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer
Price: To be announced

Source: BBC