If you like cars that go way too fast beside (or at least near) each other, there's a good chance you're into some form of auto racing. While that in itself can be a pretty expensive hobby, you can supplement your desire to drive way too fast with games on your smartphone. Yes, I know it's not the same thing, I'm just trying to save you a few hundred thousand dollars, OK? If you insist on doing the real thing, that's fine with me.

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If you're with me on the whole "saving a few hundred thousand," though, then you'll probably want to check out Racing Rivals. It's been out on iOS for a while, and those folks seem to like it pretty well. Hell, you may be a convert from the iOS camp and happen to miss this game. If that's the case, miss it no more.

If you've never tried it (or even heard of it), however, here's a little gameplay action from the iOS version of the app for you:


Interested? Grab it for free from the Play Store. Like with most games of this nature, however, be ready for some IAPs.

Racing Rivals
Racing Rivals
Developer: Glu
Price: Free