As a game centered around using a smartphone to get ahead on the streets of Chicago, it's only natural that Watch Dogs would get a companion app. But this isn't your typical bonus offering that just provides a mini-map, some background information, and a few doodads. Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS is a multiplayer extension to the main game. While console or PC players are doing everything they can to make it from checkpoint to checkpoint, mobile gamers are giving their all to stop them.

The game offers two multiplayer modes: Race and Free Ride. In both cases, Android players serve as cops trying to stop rambunctious racers (i.e. console/PC players) from reaching their goals. Cops do this from a birds-eye view of the map, placing down blocks, setting off explosions, and otherwise trying to be a complete and utter pain. The game contains 26 challenges to keep players occupied, with 13 spread across each game mode.


WatchDogs2 WatchDogs3

The app lets gamers sign in using their PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Uplay accounts and compete against anyone regardless of which version of the game they're using. Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS is free to play (including a lack of in-app purchases) and doesn't require the main version of the game to use. Hit up the widget below to get started.

Source: Ubisoft