Two more European nations are getting some Google love today. After rolling out Google Play devices to Norway and Switzerland, and making the Chromecast available in even more locales, Mountain View is making Google Play Music and All Access available in Poland and Denmark. That's pretty niesamowite/fantastisk, wouldn't you say?

2014-05-27 18_10_06-Google Play 2014-05-27 18_15_46-Google Play

The Google Play support page confirms that these services have been deployed in these two new regions today. Google users there will be able to access the cloud storage and music store offered by Play Music, as well as the subscription All Access streaming service.


So get over there and start uploading your tunes. Google sometimes has a promotional rate for new All Access subscriptions when the service is first available. The Polish site says the All Access price is down to 15.99 PLN if you sign up before August 15th, after which it's 19.99 PLN. In Denmark, you can get All Access for 79 DKK prior to August 15th, then it goes up to 99 DKK.

[Google Play Support, Google Play Music – Thanks, Szymon, Piotr, Mathias, Remigiusz Nowak, Morlas, and anyone else who sent this in]