The Nexus 5 introduced us to the Google Now Launcher, which is now available on a number of other devices. One of the headlining features of Google's launcher is the always-on home screen hotword detection. You can say "Okay Google" at any time to bring up voice search, but OmniROM is about to take it one step further with custom hotwords.

The video gets the point across rather well – you'll be able to add any phrase you like to the OmniROM launcher and link it with an action. The demo shows it being used to launch apps, but the selection menu appears to also include a few more options like bookmarks and contacts. On the home screen, saying the right phrase triggers the action.

Custom launcher hotwords have yet to appear in the latest OmniROM nightlies, but it looks pretty solid in the video. It shouldn't be long now.

[Android Beat]