What the heck does that say? Is it even a language? Inapp Translator might be able to tell you what's up, and you won't even have to hop back and forth between apps. Once activated, Inapp Translator places a floating button on the screen that can pull up instant translations of the text in your clipboard.


The app will automatically detect the language, or you can select one manually. The translation will default to English, but there are 45 supported languages in the app (it's based on Microsoft translator). All you need to do is copy the desired test to the clipboard, and then tap the floating Inapp Translator button. That's not an ideal solution – sometimes you can't copy text (like in the Play Store) and it's a little slow. Shutting it down is also a little awkward (long-press on the floating button).

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The app is free to use, but there are some ads in the app itself. I haven't seen any in the translation popup, at least not yet. It's a pretty steep upgrade to the full version at about $7.43, though.

The app was not found in the store. :-(