Regular Android Police readers know we're big fans of ZeroLemon's even bigger batteries for most flagship phones that can support them. If you've got an LG G Pro 2 (and preferably some oversized pockets as well), you can extend your untethered time by a considerable amount with the 9500mAh extended battery. The battery and its body-wrapping case are now on sale at Amazon for $49.99.

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The G Pro 2's battery is already among the largest standard phone batteries available at 3200mAh, so the ZeroLemon package should give you roughly triple the battery life on one charge. (Your results may vary of course - it's not unusual for extended batteries like this to get 5-15% less time than they "should.") However, the unique design on the replacement battery cover makes the G Pro wider, taller, deeper, and of course heavier than a regular model, and the 5.9" screen on the phone meant it was already pretty large to begin with.

The extended TPU case is also pretty ugly covered in "ZL" logos. At least it has button extensions for the phone's rear-mounted power and volume buttons, and what looks like a semi-attached cover for the headphone port. ZeroLemon's batteries come with a 180-day warranty, and unfortunately, Amazon Prime isn't available for this item.

Amazon - ZeroLemon 9500mAh Extended Battery For The LG G Pro 2