Over the past week, Google's exposed a handful of new and useful voice-activated features on the Now app for Android. Whether it be figuring out information about your booked car rentals, setting reminders, or finally handling timer queries properly, Google really seems to want you to talk to your phone more. Our question today, though, is just how much do you talk to your phone or tablet?

Now, this a kind of hard question to answer scientifically, I know. It'd sure be nice if Google included voice inquiries / actions as part of some kind of personal monthly metrics report (such as those available in Gmail), but it doesn't, so I'm going to ask you to estimate. Still, I think it's a fun thing to poll, and I think it'll be interesting to see just how everyone responds. With that said, let's get down to it. [Note: don't count repeats that have to be respoken because they weren't understood the first time. Also, choose the answer that closest meets your estimate, even if none exactly match your usage pattern.]

How often do you use Google Now Voice Commands on your Android devices?

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