While it's not exactly clear how much use it'll get, Google just launched a full-featured mobile web version of the Play Store. It's got everything - including devices. That means you can finally order a Nexus on your Nexus in a Nexus-friendly web page layout. Xzibit is going to be stoked.

Screenshot_2014-05-23-14-59-21 Screenshot_2014-05-23-14-59-28 Screenshot_2014-05-23-14-59-38

The design is actually pretty nice, too. It's very clean, and it even has, you guessed it, a hamburger menu! Which Google seems more fond of killing off than creating these days. You can install apps to your devices, buy content and hardware, and do pretty much everything you can do on the regular web play store. Just more mobile-y.

Screenshot_2014-05-23-15-00-00 Screenshot_2014-05-23-15-03-17 Screenshot_2014-05-23-15-03-32

Like I said, this brings one major feature the on-device Play Store app currently lacks, and that's the hardware section of Google Play (why this has always been the case is quite puzzling, though).

Screenshot_2014-05-23-15-03-45 Screenshot_2014-05-23-15-03-57 Screenshot_2014-05-23-15-04-03

All screenshots were provided by our local screenshotaholic, Artem.

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Google Play Store, Thanks, David [clarification: not thanking myself]!