It's a sad day for the 400,000+ active users of note taking service Springpad. After six years of battling the Evernote behemoth, Springpad is calling it quits on June 25th. The website, apps, and sync features will go offline at that time, but the team is working to help you get your data out.


An export tool is being developed that will allow users to get all the data they've dumped into Springpad over the years. The tool will create a file you can use to reference old notes on your own or migrate to another service. It's important that people take advantage of this option – there's no grace period with the shutdown. All user data on the servers is gone as of June 25th. The Android app is still available to assist in combing over any notes you may want to salvage on your own, but expect it to be removed from the Play Store next month.

The blog post didn't go into detail about the reasons for the shutdown, but it's pretty obvious Springpad's free business model wasn't cutting it. Even after a Pinterest-inspired redesign last year, the service was unable to attract a user base to rival the competition.

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