Samsung announced a couple days ago that the gold Galaxy S5 will come to all major US carriers by May 30th, but the phone has already popped up on AT&T's site. There it goes for $199.99 with a two-year contract, various monthly payments with an AT&T Next plan, or $649.99 outright. The name, Copper Gold, sounds like a currency stuck somewhere between a penny and something of actual value*, but it describes the color well.


The Galaxy S4 Mini is also now available with the carrier, and it's shipping in two shades. While we wouldn't blame any of you for expecting them to be black and white, this time we're actually looking at black and pink. Valentine Pink.


This phone is going for $49.99 with a two-year contract or $369.99 altogether. It's not one of the more powerful phones out there, but it could still make for a great gift. Links for everything are listed below.

Gold Galaxy S5 on AT&T

Black Galaxy S4 Mini on AT&T

Pink Galaxy S4 Mini on AT&T

 *I know I paid you 3.97, but please, keep the change. Don't make me have to search for a place to put those pennies.