In what is Motorola's dullest release since Contextual Services hit the Play Store, Moto has opened up Modality Services to receive future updates via Google Play as well. This software helps a phone respond appropriately to motion and position, enabling it to know when it's coming out of a pocket or whether it's sitting face down on a desk. You know, the good stuff that made the Moto X so interesting in the first place.

Motorola3 Motorola2

Motorola Assist and Active Display both rely on this background process in order to work, and keeping it up to date enables them to operate at their peak level. That alone is reason enough to watch out for future updates.

What's new:

  • In-vehicle detection using ambient audio signals.

As things turn out, that also happens to be the only reason. This app may make some non-Moto devices jealous, but only indirectly. On its own, it's quite the bore.