Even though Samsung went out of tis way to make the Galaxy S5 water and dust resistant, it seems to think there is still a place for an "Active" variant this time around. The device has shown up in a few videos and it seems to be destined for AT&T in the US.

Just like last year's GS4 Active, this one has physical buttons on the front in place of the capacitive/physical array on Samsung's regular devices. The bezel is really beefy, so this is either a pre-production stealth case to hide the shape, or this year's Active will actually be marketed as a truly rugged phone.

The back is still removable, but the gasket looks thicker and covers more of the internal space. Also on the back is that heart rate sensor. However, the GS5's other spiffy new sensor appears to be missing. The system menu is missing the fingerprint scanner icon, assuming it would be in the same place as the regular Galaxy S5.


We are told repeatedly throughout the videos that the screen looks higher that 1080p resolution, but the various system info tools run in the second video say it's 1080p. Perhaps it's an LCD, and that accounts for the alleged different appearance? We'll have to wait and see.