If there's something missing from most mobile tower defense games, it's a little dash of crazy. The upcoming OTTTD says right in the name what you're getting – it's a crazy over-the-top game that merges traditional tower defense with real-time strategy and a bit of role-playing. It also has a giant cybernetic shark with rocket launchers, which, c'mon... that's awesome.

In addition to all the towers, you have a squad of 3 heroes that you can move around the battlefield to fight off zombies, mechanical turtles, and octopi. The game will additionally have 20 story levels, 12 tower types, 7 hero classes, and 40 neat-o weapons.

OTTTD_1280x720_wartoise_02 OTTTD_1280x720_tmarsh_01 OTTTD_1280x720_sharkboss_01

OTTTD_1280x720_clearing_01 OTTTD_1280x720_kraken_02 OTTTD_1280x720_nightmare_01

OTTTD is coming to desktop and mobile devices, and the graphics in the demo videos look pretty impressive. So the million dollar question (hopefully less, though) is the cost. The developers are planning to offer the game for $2.99 with some additional in-app purchases. It won't be tuned as a pay-to-win game, though. All the extras should be optional, sort of like Kingdom Rush. We'll keep an eye out for it to go live tomorrow.