If Samsung's streaming music app has become your go-to source for all things audio, then that means two things: you're part of some exclusive club of Samsung owners that has been given access to the app because your phone is cool enough, and you actually care about Milk updates. Unfortunately, only a portion of this update concerns users who are already part of the aforementioned club:

What's New

  • Support for S3 Mini
  • Improvements in sound quality
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

For those of you already streaming with Milk (that sounds funny), you should hear an audible improvement in the quality of your tunes...hopefully, anyway. This has actually been a sticking point for Artem, so maybe Samsung did it just to appease him. You can thank him in the comments.

Also, welcome Galaxy S3 Mini owners to your little club, as they can now use Milk. With each passing update, the exclusivities dies just a little. At least it will (probably) always be Samsung-only, you silly elitists.

Anyway, head to the Play Store to grab the update, or hit the widget below to give it a shot for the first time.

The app was not found in the store. :-(