In an effort to further diversify the content of status updates (which consist 115% of political arguments and babies being cute), Facebook is working on a way to help users share what they're listening to with others. No, the social network won't turn into a file-sharing site, but it should at least help friends give some attention to the same artists or performers you enjoy.


When writing a status update, users will have the option to enable their microphone and have the app listen to whatever's playing. As long as the feature's enabled, an audio icon will display as you type your new status. If the app picks up on a TV show, song, or the like, it will prompt you to add it to your post. For music, Facebook will share 30 seconds of the song with your friends. With TV shows, it will display which season and episode you are watching.

Look for the feature to roll out in the weeks ahead.

Source: Facebook