Google's social boss was kind enough to give us the rundown of what was in the new G+ update this morning, but he did omit a few key details. One feature in particular that didn't get mentioned finally makes that location screen worth using. You can now jump directly into turn-by-turn navigation to make your way to wherever your friends are on the map.

This feature only works with people who have have shared their location with you. Google also changed the way you access the location screen. There's no navigation panel in Google+ anymore, so tap the bar up top where you pick which feeds you want to see. Locations will be down at the bottom (it's kind of tiny). On this screen, find the contact you want to navigate to and slide the bar at the bottom of the screen right or left to reveal navigation and Hangout buttons. Hit the navigation button and you go right to the route selection screen, just one tap from navigation.

This is totally not intuitive, and there's no indication in the UI that these buttons are hiding in there. This is a cool feature – it's odd Google would tuck it away behind a slider no one would ever notice. But now you know.

[Thanks, +Ananya Gupta]