Klout has undergone some changes since the social impact tracker was acquired by Lithium Technologies a few months ago. The new mobile app is less about tracking your Klout number to carefully gauge your self-importance. It's basically another way to share content. The difference – this stuff is totally 100% guaranteed to resonate with your unique audience, or your money back.**

You sign into Klout with your Twitter or Facebook profiles. If you've used Klout before, it pulls in all your data to recommend relevant links to share. It shows your Klout score, but none of the tools revolving around that seem to be included. You simply scroll through the list of stories with labels like "On Target" and "Hidden Gem" – it's supposed to be content your audience will like. It feels like I've decided to cheat on a test, and now I'm just paging through the pre-made cheat sheets that older kid with the patchy mustache has stuffed in his locker ($5 each and we've never met).

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You can post to Twitter and Facebook in the Klout app, but it pulls in data on your network from Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Foursquare in addition to those two. Klout also allows you to schedule posts in the future for maximum impact. Bottom line: this is an app that lets you post to Twitter and Facebook.

Price: Free

**LOL J/K. Not a real guarantee, and you didn't pay anything anyway.