Phones have gotten smarter over the years, but managing contacts remains a pretty tedious affair. Syncing information saved on Android devices with a Google account prevents having to manually transfer them every time you move to a new gadget, but this does nothing to stop the periodic Facebook status updates informing mass numbers of people at once that you or your friend's phone has gone for a swim or jumped off a roller coaster, and as a result, the number has changed. Alternatively, you can sync your contact information with social networks and share it with your friends that way, assuming you trust the companies behind said social networks and aren't afraid of this information going public.

Addappt tackles this issue by privately syncing your contact information with friends and co-workers, functioning more as an address book supplement than a network builder. This way everyone's always current and connected, and you don't have to tie your data to a social account with all of your public posts. iPhone users have been able to use Addappt for over a year, but today a major update has rolled out along with a new Android version.

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To use Addappt, you and your contacts must each verify a primary email address. Then everyone sends out invites to connect. After this, whenever anyone updates their own contact information, the data will automatically change on others' devices. The company asserts that this information will remain private and that none of it is uploaded to their servers.

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Addappt also supports bunching contacts into groups and messaging them all at once. The functionality is all free to use, and the software doesn't contain any ads. To get started, hit up the widget underneath the video below.

addappt: up-to-date contacts
addappt: up-to-date contacts