Like most technology blogs, Android Police is decentralized. Our writers and editors work out of their homes, and occasionally in hotels, bars, or under bridges. We have no traditional office. But if we did, the Yubi 40-port USB Power Tower would sit proud in the middle, like some kind of plastic altar to electricity. We would come, bow down to the Tower, offer up our unworthy phones and tablets, and humbly take our blessings of sweet, sweet gadget juice.


This "40 Port Family Charging Tower Station" does indeed have a total of 40 USB ports for charging pretty much anything, though the fine print in the Amazon listing says that it can only charge 32 1-amp devices (phones) or 15 2-amp devices (tablets) at once. I assume the extra ports are simply there for easy access. Or just symmetry. While I'm sure that someone out there could find 32 USB-powered doohickeys in their home (probably Shawn De Cesari), it makes more sense for bars, offices, airports, or other places with high foot traffic and a shortage of conventional power outlets.

The tower includes surge protection for each grounded port, and the price is pretty reasonable at $55. If you'd like something a few stories shorter, Yubi offers different configurations with different combinations of USB and standard plugs.

Amazon via Gizmodo, 7Gadgets