Between Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox, the question is clear - do you want to store your files on a drive or in a box? Cloud storage provider Box knows which way it wants you to answer, and the company is rolling out an update to its Android app today that it hopes may influence your choice. Version 3.0 of the app introduces a new image gallery that can preview photos without requiring users to load up full images, saving bandwidth. It also brings in a document previewer with support for over 100 file types and the ability to search text within documents.

The updated app lets users leave comments and integrates with other OneCloud apps installed on your device such as CloudOn, Docusign Ink, Documents to Go, and Wrike. People who pick up a new LG device will also continue to receive 50GB of storage for free. For more information on what's new, hit up the source link below.

Developer: Box
Price: Free

Source: Box