Earlier this week, Google rolled out a Play Store update and announced support for billing via PayPal on the Play Store. While the list of initial countries supported is relatively small compared to the overall number of countries with access to paid content on the store, it seems inevitable that this list will grow as time goes on.

In many countries, consumers have limited access to credit cards, and Google Play gift cards are either unavailable or inconvenient as an alternative. However, PayPal has become a widely used payment medium throughout much of the world thanks in large part to eBay, and because PayPal allows almost anyone with a bank account to sign up.

So, this leads to this week's question: if you're in one of the supported countries at launch, will you use PayPal over Google Wallet? And if your country is not in the list of launch countries, would you use it over Google Wallet (which currently only supports bank account integration in the US) or gift cards? Cast your votes.

Will / would you use PayPal on the Google Play Store (vs Wallet, gift cards)?

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